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Quarterback 0002a.jpg

9 Mile Quarterback 0002


PIE Quarterback 0002


6R Cameo 723E

Birth Date


Semen Now Available!
  • New kid on the block in 2021, all the way from 9 Mile Ranch in Washington

  • Sired by PIE Quarterback 789 who sold for $155,000 to 9 Mile Ranch in 2018

  • Performance and growth will be the name of his game with WW, YW, and ADG in the top 10% of the breed

  • Semen is  now available, check him out at Cattle Visions, 573-641-5270

Holton Conspiracy 080H.jpg

C-Bar Stony 720E

Lacy Collusion 115F

C-Bar MS Stony A302

Holton Conspiracy 080H


Lacy Collusion 115F


C-Bar Stony 720

Birth Date


Semen Now Available!
  • From proven cow families with great udders, great feet and great dispositions, this bull will be the ultimate cow maker!

  • His pedigree names them all - Fritz Justice, Gold Robber, Basin Franchise, Mulberry, Lacy Lakota 8105, and C-Bar MS Stony A302

  • His dam, C-Bar Stony 720E, produced the Grand Champion Pen of Three at the 2023 Cattlemen's Congress

  • 12 EPDs ranking in the top third of the breed

  • Owned by Emerald Earth Cattle Co. and Shamrock Nook

  • Semen is  now available, contact Joe Jewison, 608-778-6736

SRN Duke 2103_edited.jpg

SRN Duke 2103


9 Mile Franchise 6305


SRN Cassidy 1617

Birth Date


  • His dam, SRN Cassidy 1617, is a standout in our herd. All of her calves have PROs scores in the top 30% of the breed.

  • Duke is her second bull calf that we've retained  as a herd sire. Her first daughter went out to Rafter C Reds in Washington, Pete Charriere reports that she's had a bull calf every year, and they have topped the red angus offerings in their sales.  

  • He is rock solid, sound footed, barrel chested with an exceptional disposition.


SRN Fusion 1658


Andras Fusion R236


SRN Eleanor 1326

Birth Date


  • An outcross out of Andras Fusion and SRN Eleanor 1326, a VDAR Really Windy daughter

  • Wide bodied and heavily muscled, his sons have been very popular with our bull buyers

  • ProS, HB, GM, Marb , STAY, all in the top 30%

  • Used him on heifers in 2018, on cows in 2019 and 2020, 71 progeny

SRN Fusion 1533.Aug2017.jpg

SRN Fusion 1533


Andras Fusion R236


SRN Berry 1355

Birth Date


  • First introduction of Andras Fusion R236 genetics, liked him so well, we added 2 more Fusion sons

  • 62 progeny with consistent calving ease and low birth weights

  • 90% of his progeny have a ProS in the top 25% of the breed

  • An unbelievably thick bull with superb style and balance, a deep dark red color, and extremely easy going disposition

  • Dam is an Eleanor daughter on a Mulberry

  • 11 EPDs in the top 25%

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