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Yearling Bulls for Sale       Private Treaty

SRN Herman 1959

SRN Gladiator 1929

SRN Spartacus 1915 

We offer registered red angus cattle for sale through private treaty and a fall female sale. You will have the chance to take advantage of our selection process, and then chart your own herd's breeding direction. We usually have 12-15 yearling bulls to choose from. AI sires include Spartacus, Let's Roll, and Gladiator. Natural Sires include SRN Fusion 1533, SRN Fusion 1658 and SRN Alistar 1635 (a Rollin Deep son). You can choose one early, and we'll keep it until spring or early summer when you are ready. 


If you're interested in females, give us a call or stop in any time. We have open heifer calves and bred heifers that would make a great additions to your herd. If you are contemplating getting into Red Angus, we would love to help you build a good foundation.

We are planning on having another sale on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. We hosted the inaugural Females of Fall Sale at Shamrock Nook on November 16th, 2019. Hornung Red Angus, Johnson Family Cattle, Bowden Red Angus, and Welsh Prairie Red Angus joined us in offering some of the most influential females from the best maternal cowherds anywhere. View the 2019 catalog, videos, and sale results on DV Auction. 2019 Sale Summary: 4 bred cows averaged $1913, 43 bred heifers $2312, 2 cow/calf pairs $2700, 12 open heifers $1717, and one embryo package $750. We want to thank all that attended the sale and those that bid/bought on DV Auction. We enjoyed talking with all of you about red angus cattle! Hope to see you again on November 14, 2020. If you would like to receive a catalog in the mail, please complete this catalog request form.


Joe & Sue Dunphy

Jim & Pam Dunphy

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