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Eleanor J1266_edited.jpg

Eleanor J1266


Buffalo Creek Chief


Leachman Eleanor

Birth Date


  • J1266, out of the legendary Leachman Eleanor, was a maternal sister to King Rob and a paternal sister to Cherokee Canyon.

  • With an MPPA of 110, she was THE MATERNAL COW.

  • Over 18 years, she produced 125 progeny, 52 for Shamrock Nook, she was one of our foundation cows. We continue to raise Eleanors today.  

SRN Fusion 1533.Aug2017.jpg
SRN Eleanor X11 (1).JPG

SRN Eleanor X11


8032, a Hemi son out of Lancer


SRN Eleanor 7818

Birth Date


  • At 9 years old, this girl has had 10 calves.

  • In 2015, she had a set of triplet heifers unassisted and raised them all.

  • She is another great example of the maternal influence of Eleanor. 

lot 1-srn 2317_edited.jpg

SRN Susie 2317, daughter of Bieber Susie 566F

Bieber Susie 566F


 Bieber LB Mitigator C314


Bieber Susie 254A

Birth Date


  • We bought our first Susie cow (217W) in  2016 at Bieber's fall sale. She was 7 years old, and due with a heifer calf on 2/20, which happens to be our daughter's birthday.  Her maternal traits stood out. She goes back to Basin Trendsetter, a favorite of Joe's. She's 15 now and due in February.

  • In 2020, we purchased a granddaughter of 217W. Bieber Susie 566F. She will follow in her granddam's footsteps.

  • Her 2023 heifer calf led off our Females of Fall sale, going to the 101 Ranch in Texas

SRN Kodiak 1804.May 2019 (3).JPG

SRN Stony 1555


SCC Steiger S36, a Hamley son


SRN Stony 1342

Birth Date


SRN STony 1555 w.bull calf  (5).JPG
  • SRN Stony 1555 goes back to HCFA MS Stony 787 that we bought from Hidden Creek in 2008.

  • 1555's calves have consistently demonstrated calving ease with CEDs of 15-19 and low birthweights.

  • We retained her first calf as a herd bull, SRN Fusion 1703.

Messmer Linda T112


Beckton Lancer F442 T 


Messmer Linda 2322 who goes back to BJR Tidy Bee 677-6186

Birth Date


T112 -red-angus-beef-cow-7058.jpg
  • We bought T112 as a bred heifer from Messmer's in North Dakota.

  • She was with us for 13 years and gave us 12 calves.

  • Her EPDs for YG, Fat, and REA topped the charts .

  • We kept her 2016 bull calf, SRN Alistar 1635, as a herd bull. 

Brown MS Statement W7923


LJC Mission Statement P27


Brown MS Abigrace P7905

Birth Date


RA Brown W7923 (4).JPG
  • We bought this Abigrace daughter from RA Brown in 2013.

  • She's given us 10 calves, 9 of them heifers.

  • The first heifer calf she had for us, SRN Abigrace 1463 has 7 EPDs in the top 25%.

  • All 16 of her progeny consisitently score well in carcass traits.

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